Bear Food’s hand cooked peanuts are one of a kind, but that isn’t the only thing that makes Bear Food unique. While creating Bear Food, my Down Syndrome brother was on his way to adulthood. Miller had grown into a smart and capable young man. His graduation was a large milestone in his life, but like many families with special needs young adults, it was also a leap into the unknown.


With more than 80% of adults with disabilities or special needs unemployed, I wanted to help change that trend. Through my lifetime experience with this community, many of these adults simply want a chance to show that they are capable, and I saw an opportunity for Bear Food to provide opportunities for these adults to fulfill their dreams. Through our fulfillment center, Bear Food is creating a workplace environment for young special needs adults transitioning out of high school gain productive job experience and training to better prepare them for their future endeavors.


Thank you for helping us

bring extraordinary peanuts from

extraordinary hands to you.


 -Mac Brydon, Founder

The Bear Food Family