The Bear Food Story

 My name is Mac Brydon, and I am the Founder of Bear Food.  Let me share with you the vision and history of this innovative company that reaches into the communities where

few dare to go.


Since I was young, my parents always encouraged me to go after my dreams…and to dream big! I love basketball and set my sights to be on being a D-1 athlete.  After much hard work, many hours of practice and lots of ice bags, I was

offered a spot on the Mercer University basketball team in

Macon, GA – the “Mercer Bears.” 


After two years of playing, I came to

the conclusion that breathing, eating, sleeping, living

basketball wasn’t for me.  But I fell in love with Mercer,

the staff, and the friends I made there.  I wanted to stay

but how could I pay for a small private out of state school? 

That’s when I started Bear Food.


My parents are from Virginia. One of VA’s major cash

crops is peanuts. 24 years ago my mom started her

own successful gourmet peanut company while living

in Chicago.  These were the biggest, most delicious

hand cooked peanuts to be found and everyone LOVED

them! Anything that’s of excellent standards would be

welcomed anywhere, why not Georgia?  But there was something more I wanted to do with my business, and it involved my best friend and older brother, Miller.


Miller has Down’s Syndrome.  He had just graduated high school and had been struggling to figure out his next steps.  Miller is smart, strong, funny, (and a great dancer!) but had never been given a springboard into life like I had with my college opportunity.  This is the typical story for Miller and many of his friends with special needs and throughout America.  More than 80% of this community is unemployed and I knew Bear Food could be a way I could help change this trend.  My lifetime experiences with this community has taught me that many in this population just need a chance or an experience to learn job skills, and that’s what we now do at Bear Food. This is a perfect way provide training, encouragement that sense of purpose that we all need. 


Thank you for checking out our website.  We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to fill an order for you soon!


Miller Brydon

Thank you for helping us

bring extraordinary peanuts from

extraordinary hands to you.


 -Mac Brydon, Founder

The Bear Food Story